Monday, August 23, 2010

back from cape cod

Catherine Marie & son at Cape Cod
We had a lovely family vacation to Cape Cod last week, despite the fact that I was inbetween books and had no idea what to do with myself during the little one's naps - with no piano and no yoga props and not immersed in a book.  I was even out of magazines- did a crossword puzzle and browsed our hosts' bookshelves.  Learned a thing or two about homeopathy and natural cures for babies, also got to think a lot.  We're back home and today was a great day.  Got the yoga studio (i.e. my old office before I moved the computer to the piano studio) set up and even squeezed in a short yoga session.  Went to a new library and had fun picking out kids' books and several for me- even made my way through most of a book about organizing and throwing stuff out- physical and mental clutter.  Was a good affirmation for the work I've been doing to live in each moment and actually DO the stuff I want to be doing.  Tonight I had a great piano session - worked haltingly through a Hanon exercise in all 12 keys - lots of stumbles, but boy did it feel great to have warmed-up fingers- amazing what that one exercise can do.  Then improvised for a long time.  Lots of neat rhythms and patterns coming out from the Hanon and lots of sinking into old songs of mine (but ones I hadn't played in a long time, so old friends).  Recorded a bunch but nothing really in one smaller chunk that I feel like posting.  But, tomorrow is a new day! 

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Jodi V. said...

We enjoy the Cape too! Wonderful for relaxation and inspiration. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed listening to your music as well.