Monday, August 09, 2010

Something about Babies and Mountains of Chores

I've really been yearning to play lately - have had writer's block for 6 years or something... gave a sermon at our UU church last week about piano passions and inspirations and have been on the nursing couch imagining how I will set up my piano studio for recording and update website, blah blah blah... but needed a kick in the butt... so I figured tonight as soon as baby was asleep I needed to get down at that piano darnit and record myself.  I think the key to getting myself to where I want to be is to turn OFF the editor and not care one bit what people think of my music and if anyone would buy it or book me or even like it, and not care if my piano is tuned (it's not) and where to set the mics (probably a bit bass heavy here) and not care if I actually eat dinner tonight (okay, well I probably should eat, but will work on that later).

So - here it is.  First recording of myself improvising in a few years or something.  Post classical concert last year, post baby, post sermon, post literally months of me not touching the piano, pre- new me?

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