Friday, September 10, 2010

Feeling Sleepy

Taken by CMC at Moosehead Lake, Maine
Well after our vacation and with the start of the school year and teaching I haven't really been improvising much since that huge hurrah a few weeks ago.  I was really dreading the start of the school year since I'd been spending so much time with the wee one, not really wanting to get out of our comfortable rhythm of our days - but now that a week with most of my students has gone by, I think it will be good for me to be thinking outside of myself again - but boy am I feeling pressured for time to practice-- I know I know it's the first week of teaching and everything will develop into a new rhythm... as it is the little guy seems to be slowly moving away from morning naps - so no more morning yoga for mommy, but every day is a new challenge and adventure to see what will be coming.

My January concert has been posted on the web, so I guess it's really official now (although the contract's been signed for a while).  I'm really hoping to play a movement of Keith Jarrett's Koeln Concert, and to that end I'm working on memorizing it.  It's so slow going so it's really hard to imagine how I will make it through it but I know I always seem to find a way to make it work.

Tonight I wanted to get back in the habit of improvising, so I did record myself.  I'll share it because it has sweet moments but the editor in me doesn't like it much - too improvisatory?  I'm pretty sleepy though so maybe I'll like it better another day.  But... you can decide for yourself:

p.s. update the next morning... I'm really liking this one now.  Funny what a night's sleep can do!

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