Tuesday, January 18, 2011


What fun to perform again!  Sunday's concert was lots of fun.  Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church is beautiful and the Boston piano surprised me- was not expecting to like it but it was very sweet and filled the space beautifully.  Just listened to the concert recording and am very happy with the way it turned out.  I'm hoping to post some selections online for listening- but, alas my couple of hours of free time today are almost past.  So, soon!  The Ginastera especially turned out nicely, and will likely be one of the first things I record in my new recording studio at home.  As for originals, everything seemed so free and open to me.  River Dawn had more depth than I've heard myself give it before- probably something to do with all the Haydn I've been playing.  The Asymptote too had lots more intricasy.  Perhaps my favorite part though was the free improv.  I haven't done too many free improvs in solo concert before, but the ones I was doing at home and then for Red Leaf, Grey Sky in the studio gave me the confidence to accept what would come.  And, I liked it after the fact!  Actually, I liked it during the fact too.  What a joy to be enjoying playing.  What a joy to know the audience was appreciative. 

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