Wednesday, October 10, 2007

butterfly on my shoulder

So this summer I finally had a chance to fly down and visit my cousin Jenny. She and I are very close in age and grew up like sisters. We had a few days of utter relaxation... nothing but movies, old episodes of Sex and the City, and board games. We did make it out of the house once or twice... we went to the butterfly house at the local science museum and got to watch them release the newly emerged butterflies into the freedom of the beautiful garden greenhouse. This guy was attracted to my shirt... same coloring! He promptly flew to my shoulder, and stayed there for a VERY long time. We didn't time it, but it was at least 5 or 10 minutes. I finally had to give him a little push to show him he was free to fly around. This kind of thing happened the only other time I went to a butterfly house... I had one stay on me for a long time. I guess they sense that I'm friendly and like butterflies? My friend Beth said that he must have thought I was one big butterfly! In any case, Jenny took this picture of the two of us, and it was the inspiration for the design of my new website...coming soon!

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