Monday, January 05, 2009

random new year's thoughts

so here I am walking on the treadmill with laptop in front of me and listening to the Esbjorn Svensson Trio on my iPod. what? on the treadmill you say? yeah, I discovered last month that our treadmill's operation platform actually supports a laptop quite well and I've been walking and twittering/facebooking/cleanng out my e-mail quite a bit while walking. I guess I was looking for a way to not be bored on the treadmill and not feel guilty about time spent on social networking. also over the holidays we set up a second tivo in the workout room that can stream videos from netflix. my new rule for myself is that all frivolous tv watching (e.g. hgtv, people's court (yeah, yeah, I'm actually admitting I watch it... am I really typing that out loud?) must be while I'm walking on the treadmill. over the summer I found all my pants getting tight and I didn't want to have to go buy new clothes, so I invested in a pair of great walking shoes and starting walking every day... got harder when the time changed and the weather got cold, but after a few weeks I migrated indoors to the treadmill. I also read "the China Study" by Colin Campbell, and was inspired to migrate to a predominantly vegan diet, after being prominently vegetarian for a few years (predominantly meaning I'm not militant about milk and cheese when visiting friends or in a restaurant where there are no other choices)... in any case the combo of fresher diet and walking every day led me to lose the 13 pounds I had gained over the course of a few years.. and now I weigh again what I was when I was dancing tango as much as possible a few years ago. ironically, I had to go buy new clothes because my others were all too big.

i've been thinking a lot about music and discipline lately, but I think I'll hold off and try to commit to writing a blog on the treadmill again soon.

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