Wednesday, April 16, 2008

new herb spiral!

Here is my newly built herb spiral! I got the idea from a workshop at Edible Landscaping nursery in Afton, VA. I had 2.5 tons of rock delivered from a local quarry... I probably only used about 2/3 of that pile. I also used almost 1 cubic yard of mushroom compost (the county where I live calls itself the mushroom capital of the world). I have enough compost left over to put in a couple of large pots for a couple of tomato plants. It's a bit too early to plant herbs yet (we had frost this morning), but I have them growing in my Aerogarden and also under lights in my basement... my strawberry pot will go on the top little platform and maybe you can see my rosemary plant I transplanted already... it's a wee bit scraggly from the winter, but the roots are strong, and I think it will be very happy!

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JoAnna said...

That is SO cute. I love the idea, and will probably copy it when i have a yard that i own instead of rent :-D