Sunday, March 16, 2008

feeling creative

So I've had a great weekend... we didn't have anything planned and the time got filled with last minute meetings with lots of different friends whom we hadn't seen in ages... it was so nice! On my free time outside of seeing friends, in the kitchen I made bean-walnut dip that turned out very yummy, a yummy casserole, and even broke out the ice cream maker from my mixer and made raspberry ice cream... way too much sugar, it turns out, for my taste, but it was a fun endeavor anyway, and hey I honestly like getting the sugar rush. I took some time yesterday to finally put together a collage of sorts that I've been meaning to do for ages... of some of my favorite post cards and greeting cards I've gotten over the years and cover a corkboard with them. I've always had these up in my office in some capacity.. at the credit card company they were pinned to my cubicle walls, and then in my various home offices they've been taped to the wall... so in this new house I finally decided to be a little more 'grown up' about it and pin them to a corkboard so as not to damage the walls (here's a pic I took super fast with my cell phone). Today I heard amazing Irish music at Longwood Gardens (for St. Patty's day!) and then had fun planting a bunch of seeds in my basement... I hope they grow! they're mostly herbs and flowers... with one little batch of tomatoes. They're hooked up with fluorescent bulbs and little plastic covers to maintain humidity... will keep you updated. To top it all off, when I get a chance, which has been pretty often more or less, I've been working on memorizing another Chopin nocturne. It's coming along pretty well, so hopefully soon I'll be able to enjoy playing it and be working on performing it...

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