Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Dinner

So I decided to take an afternoon yesterday and make dinner for my sweetie for valentine's day. Here's a pic of dinner... the tofu heart recipe was from Vegetarian Times, and the pistachio yogurt peas recipe I found on the internet... It all turned out very yummy... ending with a low-fat chocolate cake complete with amaretto-apricot glaze I got from Mollie Katzen's Low Fat Moosewood cookbook (one of my most very favorite cookbooks!). The coolest part of all was that I already had almost all the ingredients... I had to run out for fresh peppers, eggplant and basil (which I felt a little guilty about buying the heart of winter...), but I had the tofu, peas, pistachios, yogurt, etc etc...

We have already bought our CSA share for veggies from a local farm throughout the upcoming growing season, and I think I'll be buying a fruit share from a local orchard as well... I can't wait until the fresh veggies start coming in!! I'm also going to try starting some veggies from seed in my basement this year... should be fun.

happy eating!

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